Module inilike.common

Common functions for dealing with entries in ini-like file.

See Also

Desktop Entry Specification


boolToString(b) Convert bool to string. Can be used to set boolean values.
chooseLocalizedValue(locale, firstLocale, firstValue, secondLocale, secondValue) Choose the better localized value matching to locale between two localized values. The "goodness" is determined using algorithm described in Localized values for keys.
doUnescape(value, pairs) Unescape value. If value does not need unescaping this function returns original value.
dropEncodingPart(locale) Drop encoding part from locale (it's not used in constructing localized keys).
escapeValue(value) Escapes string by replacing special symbols with escaped sequences. These symbols are: '\\' (backslash), '\n' (newline), '\r' (carriage return) and '\t' (tab).
isBoolean(value) Check if the entry value can be interpreted as boolean value.
isComment(s) Test whether the string s represents a comment.
isFalse(value) Test whether the entry value represents false.
isGroupHeader(s) Test whether the string s represents a group header.
isTrue(value) Test whether the entry value represents true.
isValidDesktopFileKey(desktopKey) Test whether the string is valid key in terms of Desktop File Specification.
isValidKey(key) Test whether the string is valid key, i.e. does not need escaping, is not a comment and not empty string.
localizedKey(key, locale) Construct localized key name from key and locale.
localizedKey(key, lang, country, modifier) ditto, but constructs locale name from arguments.
makeLocaleName(lang, country, encoding, modifier) Make locale name based on language, country, encoding and modifier.
needEscaping(value) Check if value needs to be escaped. This function is currently tolerant to single slashes and tabs.
parseGroupHeader(s) Retrieve group name from header entry.
parseKeyValue(s) Parse entry of kind Key=Value into pair of Key and Value.
parseLocaleName(locale) Parse locale name into the tuple of 4 values corresponding to language, country, encoding and modifier
separateFromLocale(key) Separate key name into non-localized key and locale name. If key is not localized returns original key and empty string.
unescapeValue(value) Unescapes string. You should unescape values returned by library before displaying until you want keep them as is (e.g., to allow user to edit values in escaped form).